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Weekly Services | Sunday 9am / 10:30am (Temporarily Suspended, see statement below)

IDENTITY Youth Group | Wednesday 7-8:30pm (grades 6-12) (Temporarily Suspended, see statement below)

KunaNaz’s Official statement on COVID -19 / Coronavirus

Greetings Church Family,

In the last couple weeks, our world has faced a virus of epic proportions, and in the last couple days, the reality of it has hit home.  At first the panic seemed laughable, but as facts became known, and as research surfaced from countries and states who were hit before us, it became clear that the most loving, Gospel-centered approach to this outbreak is to suspend all services and activities, including small groups, for the time being.  This is not a panicked response, rather, a prayerful and thoughtful decision reached with much input from a variety of sources.  We lovingly want to protect those who are most vulnerable.

We know that this news will surprise some, disappoint some, be celebrated by some, and be criticized by some, but evidence indicates that early isolation is the key to containment, and we believe that if shutting our doors temporarily saves even one life, then it is worth it.

You might be asking yourself, so what am I going to do on Sunday morning?  We are working on ways to continue our fellowship together online, but we may not have anything ready to post tomorrow morning.  Make sure to check our website and Facebook page often for links to sermons and worship sets

Please be praying for our government leaders, our community leaders, our staff here at KunaNaz, as well as those who may be exposed and diagnosed with COVID-19. 

We want to remind you that YOU are the church!  Be the hands and feet of Jesus to those around you.  Check on your neighbors.  Share the resources you have been blessed with.  We encourage you to act, not out of fear, but out of the love of Jesus.  Be Christ-like.

We also invite you to remember your church financially during these times.  We do not have the financial reserves to sustain us during a financial meltdown.  Please keep your church staff in mind and remember that they have families to care for as well.  We enabled online giving, but you can also mail your weekly tithes and offerings to our post office box at:

Kuna Church of the Nazarene

P.O. Box 22

Kuna, ID  83634

Our church staff will continue the work of the church by implementing technologies that allow us to fellowship online and facilitate online giving, strategizing with our Pastry Cupboard and Dress Um Cute clothing closet to meet community needs in safe and appropriate ways, staying apprised of CDC and local governmental recommendations and mandates regarding isolation, and most importantly, praying for all of you!

Dr. Steve Estep, a pastor at one of our Nazarene churches in Ohio, shared these words with his church, and we share them with you:

“While the world is in a frenzy over a virus, FEAR NOT! While the world is in a panic, may the PEACE of Christ be with you. While the world has gone into an extreme mode of self-preservation, the selfless Christ calls us to the work of restoration. While the world is turning every other human into a threat to be avoided, we will treat every other human as a person to be loved.”

May the peace of Christ be with you all,

Pastor Eric, your Church Board, & your Church Staff

The Church of The Nazarene’s Official Statement on COVID-19